1. General Reservation Questions show all

  • What is the cost of using Rakuten Travel service?
    There are no booking fees when you book your hotel with Rakuten Travel's hotel reservation service.
  • Can I reserve a car parking?
    Parking lot reservations are not available through Rakuten Travel. For information about reserving a parking space for your car, please contact the hotel directly.
  • Where can I see the location of my hotel?
    To access a map of a hotel's location, click you the “Map” button on the hotel's top page.
  • Is my credit card information secure?
    Yes. Protecting your personal information is very important to us. When you book a reservation, your information (including your credit card details) will be SSL-encrypted and protected from data theft.
  • I can't find the hotel I want on Rakuten Travel.
    It is possible that the hotel you are looking for may not be a member hotel of Rakuten Travel. If is also possible that the hotel does not have rooms currently available.

2. Hotel Reservation Questions show all

  • How do I reserve a hotel room through Rakuten Travel?
    As Rakuten Travel is an online hotel reservation system, reservations by non-online means, such as telephone, fax, and email, are not available.
    After you have entered a destination, your dates of stay, and the number of guests and rooms, you will be shown a list of available hotels.
    Select a hotel and move forward to the hotel page.
    From here you can select your desired rooms and accommodation plan by clicking the “Book Now” button. You will then be directed to the booking steps, where you will be asked to fill in all required information necessary to make your booking.
    Click “Complete Booking” to finish making your reservation. Once the booking process has been completed, a confirmation page featuring your booking number will appear. Please make a note of it so you can access your booking online from the “My Bookings” page. You will be asked to enter your booking number and email address in order to access your booking information.
    A confirmation email containing booking information will also be sent to your email address.
  • How do I make a reservation for someone else?
    To make a reservation for someone else, simply enter his or her name in place of your name in the guest name field.
  • I can't reserve the room I want because there is no “Book Now” button available. Why?
    Please note that not all hotels will have available rooms. If you do not see the “Book now” button on the hotel page, it may mean that the hotel can only accept part of your accommodation dates.
  • How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?
    We will send a confirmation message to your email address after you complete your reservation. This email will include the dates of your booking and the rate details. You may also confirm your booking online by accessing “My Bookings” on the top page.
  • How can I cancel my booking?
    You can change or cancel your by clicking “My Bookings” from the top page. Enter your booking number and e-mail address to confirm your booking details. Then, simply click the “Cancel” button. If you cannot cancel your reservation online, all cancellations should be directed to the hotel.
  • How do I make changes to my booking?
    At this time, Rakuten Travel is unable to make changes to existing reservations, including changes to the guest name and the number of guests. Please cancel the booking and make a new reservation.
  • How do I add more nights to my existing booking?
    If you would like to add more nights to your booking, please make another reservation for the dates you would like to add.
  • How do I cancel one or more nights from my booking?
    At this time, Rakuten Travel is unable to cancel one or more nights from existing bookings. Please cancel your booking and make a new reservation.
  • How can I pay for my reservation
    There are two payment methods available depending on each hotel.
    (1) Prepayment withby credit card
    Once you complete your reservation, the room charge, service charge and applicable taxes will be charged to your credit card immediately.

    In general, it may take a few months for your credit card to be charged when you complete your reservation. The charging date depends on the credit card company. For more information regarding payment, please contact your credit card company directly.

    Debit cards may be not acceptable. We recommend you to use a credit card for payment on Rakuten Travel. *Temporary charges may be applied to your debit card when you fail to complete your reservation or when you reach an error message relating to system trouble. Please note that such charges will be completely refunded. As refunds may take a few months to process, please contact the bank handling the transaction for more details.

    You are required to pay any fees incurred at the hotel directly to the hotel. The method of payment for such fees will vary depending on the hotel.

    When you cancel your reservation, your refund may take a few months to process. For more details regarding your refund, please contact your credit card company directly. If a cancellation occurs after the cancellation deadline has passed, we will refund the amount remaining from the total payment after the applicable cancellation fee has been deducted. For more information, please refer to the cancellation policy described on each hotel's information page.

    (2) Payment at the hotel
    You will be charged for the hotel room, the service charge and applicable taxes, and incidental charges at the hotel, upon checking in or checking out (depending on the hotel). Depending on the hotel, payment by cash or credit card may be accepted.
  • Can I book more than one room at a time?
    Yes. To do so, simply enter the number of rooms you would like to book in the hotel search box.
  • What if I am arriving later than the arrival time I entered during the booking process?
    Please call the hotel directly if you are arriving at the hotel later than your scheduled arrival time in order to prevent your reservation from being canceled by the hotel.
  • When is the cancellation deadline?
    Each hotel sets its own cancellation deadline. The cancellation deadline is the time when a hotel stops accepting any reservations through Rakuten Travel. Since you cannot cancel your reservation online after the cancellation deadline, you must call the hotel directly for further assistance. Please note that the cancellation fee does not always apply to a booking cancellation after the deadline has passed.
    Please refer to the cancellation policy on the hotel page for more details. Some accommodation plans may have a special cancellation policy. Please check the cancellation policy carefully when making a booking.
  • Will my credit card be charged if I cancel my hotel reservation?
    The hotel may charge a cancellation fee to your credit card according to the applicable cancellation policy when you cancel your booking after the cancellation deadline has passed.
    Please carefully check the details of the hotel's cancellation policy.
    If you would like to cancel all or part of your reservation after the cancellation deadline has passed, you must contact the hotel directly.

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